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Reaching Your Goals, Exceeding Your Expectations

"Exactly what I was looking for. Drexel listened to my request and created a unique program that gave me the results I wanted. I would recommend Drexel to anyone interested." 

(8 Session, RESULTS=6 PACK)

Michelle Peterson

"I had fun and feel that I increased in a lot of stuff, especially in my speed.

Bryan Martinez  (12 sessions)

"Began in October, and when one session ends I sign up for another. Results=Improved balance, strength, and overall health. Cholesterol normal, HDL normal, LDL normal. About Drexel, 1. A gentlemen, 2.assessed what I wanted and what I needed, 3. exercises are diverse and and effective, 4. the best personal trainer I ever worked with. The medication reduced the total cholesterol, but the exercise and training normalized fractions."

Henrynne Louden, M.D.

"In 6 weeks of training with Drexel, I lost 15 lbs. and went down 2 sizes in my clothes. My blood pressure and cholesterol have lowered and I have been able to get off of some of my medications. I feel great about myself now and a big thanks to Drexel for being a wonderful and dedicated personal trainer!"

Katherine Mol


"I recently relocated to Prairieville and was looking for a personal trainer to help meet my weight loss goals. I met with a few trainers and had a few sessions with some, only to find I was very unhappy, and their workout regimens were just not what I wanted, or what I was used to. I then met Drexel Perkins. I  told him what I was looking for and what my goals were. We quickly began working hard and started losing weight! I was impressed by his professionalism, and also his enthusiasm for his job! He was equally excited as I was when I would weigh in and see the drop in weight! That let me know that he truly cared! My husband was also very happy with how toned I look working out with Drexel! In the end, I choose Drexel over and over again as my personal trainer!! Thanks Drex for all your help!!!"

Pamela Lewis


​"Best money spent. Now I know my potential. I can do more! Perfect experience "Drex The Man" I lost 12.5 in 24 sessions"

G.G. Byars

"Training with Drexel has been a great experience. Over the past 19 weeks I have been in a training program with Drexel and I have lost over 25 pounds. He is not only a great trainer, but he has become a friend that encourages me to have a better outlook on exercising. Working out is hard work, but it is definitely worth it and I owe so much of that to Drexel for his dedication to me through this process. I've seen the results myself, along with others and I am positive that having a personal trainer MAKES A DIFFERENCE!"


"Exercising with Drexel really helped me control my eating habits. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Matthew Labbe' (18 sessions, lost 9.4 pounds.)

"Over the summer I had an awesome time with Drexel. He taught me all kinds of stuff about football. He also taught me that I should give 100% in everything I do."

Zachary Sherman (18 session)​

"Drexel being a personal trainer has been a great experience and helped me lose my weight." (18 sessions, 16 lbs. lost.)

Jackson Bankhead

"Working with Drexel has been a great experience! He is not just an amazing person to talk to, but he has also helped me become a better athlete and person. Drexel is an amazing trainer and friend and for that I thank him. My technique has been perfected making me faster! "​

Taylor B. Thomas

"I have gained more confidence! Drexel has been an excellent trainer. I started getting compliments and I feel great."

Bryant Givens (8 sessions)

"After 12 sessions I noticed that all of my major muscles were more toned. I was more flexible and my core strength has greatly improved. I will continue to train with Drexel."

Shelly Gloyna

Just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me and helping to pull out my true potential. Thank you for teaching me some important life lessons and giving me great advice on how to prepare for college. GOD Blessed me with a man like you in my life to teach me how to do things right and stay humble and no thanks is good enough for that. Just wanted to say I love you like family and can't wait to make you proud at LSU. To GOD be the GLORY.

Trey Gallman (college football player @ LSU)

"I've been working out on my own regularly for years, but I have been suffering from lower back problems. Training with Drexel not only strengthened my back and relieved my pain, it has increased my endurance along with taking off inches and weight that had not been able to shave off on my own. Thank you for all your encouragement and confidence you have given to me. P.S. I will always hear that voice, "you go this...just two more...just one more!!! And of course, always with a smile."


U r an awesome young man so glad your business is going well.

Michelle Anderson (Dane Anderson's Mother) KFA baseball player

Pam Mire (Personal Training)

it was incredible. I got a chance to work hard and that push made all the difference. Kingdom Fitness goes hard! Praise GOD I went from 344-299lbs.

-Austin Wright

Several months ago my child wanted to work on his speed and agility. We tried a few places then found Drexel and Kingdom fitness. The very first lesson I knew he was the person I wanted my child to learn and grow from. I have found Drexel to be very knowledgeable, focused, encouraging and has the heart to not only help these kids learn and grow but the desire to see them succeed. What I think I was most impressed with is his encouraging “you can do it” spirit. So often kids only hear how the odds are stacked against them for making into college or pro ball. Drexel instills “can do” “why not you attitude” which as parent I love the positive enforcement. My child also takes group lessons however you would never know, he gets more individual time than other individual private lesson I’ve paid for in the past. This past weekend my child received his first realization that his hard work is paying off. He hit a ground ball to center with a short fence of 230ft and made a double. This is not easy or often done against the major team we were playing. He received compliments from coaches and parents on his increased speed. Drexel has become one of my child’s favorite people and looks forward to learning and growing each lesson. -Mrs. Molea

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