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This is a great avenue that focuses on you and your deepest health goals desired. Here there is great access for  you to find what you have been looking for. Whether weight loss, toning, or even just wanting to look a certain way in a area of your body, this can all be obtained and achieved through the 1 on 1 experience in this avenue towards your health.​ With each session lasting 1hr.

Group training is similar to personal training, however the only difference is that individuals can either choose to train with friends or we can put them in groups already established. The thing that we try to do is pair up individuals so that they can all achieve the same goals as we all are headed to some form of health by staying in our own lane.

With each session lasting 1hr.



        Kingdom Fitness Athletes

KFA is comprised of 4 different branches:  Athletic Personal Training, Group Athletic Training, Sports Specific Training, & Athletic Camps that all play a big part in the athletes speed, agility, conditioning, strength, balance, coordination and conditioning. Athletic personal training is designed for the athlete to be in a one-one setting with a trainer focusing on the fundamentals and movement patterns needed for them to compete in their arena of sport alongside getting stronger, bigger, and faster. Group athletic training is similar to the personal training however it is for a group of 2-10 individuals working on sport movements but do not need too much teaching because they are well versed in most training aspects. However they'll need that little  "push" that will be provided from being around others. Sports specific training is for the individual who is training on their sport in particular. The difference here is that we don't just focus on what we can do in the gym, but taking those tools and applying them to their sport as well; all the while we are there assisting. Our sports camps are held usually for 10-12 weeks or a three month period going through all the seasons (fall, winter, sping, & summer) in the year. In this time period we help athletes become more athletic in sport as a whole. Each session last

1hr. to 1:30  We desire for every athlete to reach their highest level of achievement in their sport and to apply all that they have gained through training to their sport. We also train the athletes who are pursuing the professional, national or any major sports leagues; keeping them prepared for their season, specific pro day or combines.






            OPEN GYM
Open gym provides training for the individuals who desire to train on as fitting to their schedule. We at Kingdom Fitness desire to hit each and every individual that we can. We believe that we have a plan that is distinctly designed for your overall health and wellness. With that being said we design programs monthly changing it up for your body in to adapt to the change and growth. While your working out we will have a trainer on sight assisting you going through the exercise and encouraging you because we do not want you to be doing nothing with the wrong technique. Open gym gives individuals the opportunity, availability, and accountability to attain or maintain their health.
Silver Sneakers

This fitness program is for senior individuals on eligible Medicare plans. The program will assist individuals in staying active for overall health and wellness benefits. The structure for the program is wisely based on range of motion, strength, balance & flexibility. With this we believe that a persons health and longevity will be enhanced.


This is the foundation of Kingdom Fitness. Here we love to minister the WORD OF GOD to others. Being a part of FCA, youth programs, and many other mentorship teachings on the day to day basis, this aspect of KF is the most important. We love to encourage others, help others, give insight, and cultivate the people and generations before, after, and at the present moment. Our effort is to bring to balance things in life in order to win daily. This is why it is an inside out experience.


Here we like to establish a consistency with accountability for all members. With various forms of health and wellness classes. You can just stick to one class or try them all. There is so many different ways to get fit, join in with a group that you can flow with!!!

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