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"Pulling out YOUR POTENTIAL for there are No Limits"


Kingdom Fitness started as a bootcamp in Ascension Parish at East Ascension High School Track, training the general public of the community. The business progressively grew from 5 to 10+ people in attendance, 3 times a week. Eventually the bootcamps were in-housed at the Geismar Community Center due to weather, but the need to train was still there. Kingdom Fitness began on a steady incline, helping people from surrounding areas of Ascension Parish on the monthly basis for 8 months in 2011.


Presently, Kingdom Fitness is continuing to help people in the area of health and wellness. Instead of bootcamps weekly the training is now in forms of: Personal training , Group training, Athletic training, Sportscamps, Athletic/Sports Specific training, Monthly Gym Memberships, and Recreational activities. This allows Kingdom Fitness to hit all forms of health and wellness, athletes, families, and individuals in general of all ages.


Stick around, we will continue to grow!



Mission Statement:

Kingdom Fitness, LLC. is here for you as a business and as help towards your overall health and wellness both inside and out. Whether general public, overweight, children or athletes, we train them all. Does not matter what you desire in your health or talent level, together we can get there. We strive on the fact of pulling out your potential to get all clients to a level that they never imagined or even dreamed of getting to. We are removing the roof from your total health needs or athletic desires; a "No Ceiling" business, for you to go above and beyond, taking your life to another degree; because stagnation does not reside here.

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