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Greetings, it is with great pleasure to extend the invitation to you to become a partner of Kingdom Fitness Recreation. With this partnership you would be assisting Kingdom Fitness Recreation in the different sports being hosted, the equipment, food,maintenance, etc. needed for these events, and the environment we want to create for each event. With that being said we also are going to be able to increase our action towards the community being able to reach more lives in the areas of health and wellness through activity; along with our outreach program of KF LOVE, teaching and reaching families and kids to cultivate growth in a good sense.

The funds received will enable us to continue on cultivating Kingdom Fitness Recreation making it as top tier as possible. With all these different avenues we are seeking to help you as people in the areas of health and wellness inside & out; your partnership would be greatly appreciated. If interested please click the "Donate" button below and donate from your ️heart!




Drexel Perkins, CEO 

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